I love someone, which has beautiful eyes.

I love someone, who gives me power to live.

I love someone makes me happy always.

When i couldn't find any moment for not thinking about her i understand more that I love her.

When i realized i didn't taste this type feelings before,  i fall in love someone again more and more.

Someone has meaning eyes, i love to watch her eyes a long time. When the sun infiltrate from a little part of closed curtain near of our bed, i watch her beautiful face when she sleep, when she wake up with her closed eyes when smile with her lips…

I love someone, we are talking with her under of the low light when we have a couple glass for wine in our hands, I am seeing her and I fall in love again. It's rainy there is fresh air, I am walking but now I have a hand in my hand, just near of me there is a woman, I feel today is not the same, the air not same, I feel a smell on my nose this is completely different, city is not same as before today, there is a reason to live for smell it again, today is unique,different, fresh then I understand again I love someone who just near of me, even when she be near of me I miss her again. 

I love someone who i feel in my heart.

I love someone who I want to be with her.

I love someone who loves me with her pure feelings.

I love someone because she is a part of honesty, my sun which makes me warm coming from other side of my windows.

I love her because she is my Angel.

Yazar: Endoplazmik Retikulum

Seyahat etmeyi seven, müzik sever bir audiophile.Biraz ses biraz ışık ve ucundan da görüntü, sistemdeki çarkta görevi işte tam da bu doğrultu.

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